Tuesday, September 23, 2008




Ever wonder why orchestra conductors live to a ripe old age?  A lifetime of arm swinging may be the perfect exercise.  Its easy, doesn’t need athletic shoes, and doesn’t even cause you to sweat.


Upper body jogging may be the perfect answer and can even be done from your TV chair, while watching the football game. By pumping your heart to 50% above resting levels, you are doling what your doctor has been telling you to do.

Jarming is for everyone.  The word was coined by Dr. Wassersung in his 1984 book: Jarm:  How to Jog with your arms and live Longer.  I can’t find the word in my Thesaurus dictionary.  See how 25 years changes everything.

Exercises can include tossing a rubber ball, pitching a softball, pretending to do push ups, shadow boxing, rowing, water aerobics and whatever your creative mind concocts.  Longevity is seen in former window washers. They live longer and healthier life spans.   No need to go golfing, bowling, or even skiing.

Sure jogging is more vigorous, but causes more injuries.   Running is not the only thing one can do and is not for everyone.  Jarming strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulder, and chest, unlike jogging.  Since jarming uses the smaller muscles, it can cause the blood pressure to rise higher than suing larger muscle

Who should be jarming?

Severe disabled persons, people recovering from knee surgery, or those with lower extremity joint diseases.  If walking is not an option, exercise in a chair is logical.  You can’t fall out of a chair while holding it.  You can include leg stretching and bike riding as other options.

Anyway, don’t let grandpa just sit there.  Get him to jarm.  It is the next best thing to Viagra and Chialis.

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