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As a medical physician for over 50 years, I strive to give you the best medical information on controversial medical subjects and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. I have no ties to any organization, pharmaceutical, or lobby group. As an practicing medical acupuncturist since 1982, I find western medicine and medical acupuncture are very complimentary that results in astounding healing in pain management, addictions to cigarettes and food, and a host of other maladies. Let me know how we are doing. Your constructive comments are always appreciated. Click the RSS post button on the upper right hand corner if you would like to receive by email our future medical blogs.
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Vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. It selectively kills cancer cells like chemo agents, but requires large amounts of vitamin C. (Riordan, Project RECNAC, Bio-Communications Research Institute).

As early as 1971 (Cameron and Pauling), and more recently Morishige, showed high doses of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) was successful in treating cancers. Pauling is one of the twenty most important scientists of all time had 2 unshared Nobel Prizes, and contributed numerous studies in biology, chemisty and physics. He authored many articles showing terminal cancer patients lived as much as ten times longer when treated with Vitamin C.

Cancer drugs have been used successfully since 1950 for Hodgkin’s, leukemia, and testicular tumors. Cancer drugs or combination of cancer drugs does not affect most of the other common cancers. At that time, only oral ascorbic acid was given, and not in high doses.


Because normal and cancer cells are very similar and born from the same host, most cancer drugs also kill normal cells. To get a remission, cancer drugs are pushed to toxic levels.

This results in hair loss, nausea and vomiting, heart toxicity, and secondary cancer development. The bone marrow is suppressed, causing suppression of your immunity and blood cells. This results in infections being the major cause of death from cancer.

A safety gap between normal and cancer cells is present in drugs that make hydrogen peroxide. Vitamin C belongs in this class of substances that when given at a correct does, can kill tumor cells with no toxic effects to you the patient.


Plasma vitamin C levels can stay at the level required to kill 100% of cancer cells for a long time, but if requires the Vitamin C be given intravenously. It preferentially kills cancer cells, is non-toxic at any dose, and does not suppress your immune system. It increases your lymphocyte and neutrophil white counts, making you resistant to bacterial infections.

The matrix outside of the cells is strengthened, keeping the stroma resistant to cancer cells. The breakdown products of Vitamin c also show anticancer activity. ( Bram 1977, Helgestad 2004, Park 1980)

Injecting ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) under the skin helped the chemotherapy in advanced lung cancers in mice. Orally, it blocked the DNA and RNA in melanoma cancer, sarcomas. Copper 2+, in the presence of ascorbic acid and helps hydrogen peroxide (hydroxyl radical0 production.


Oncologists quote old studies at Mayo by Creagan, who was skeptical such high levels of ascorbic acid and copper ions could be maintained to kill cancer cells, and questioned if the vitro studies could be true in vivo.

Recently, (Tsao), is reported that oral ionic copper, added to the success of ascorbic acid in cancers. The exact dose of vitamin C needed to kill cancers must still be determined.


Pauling stated: “Every patient with cancer, beginning as early in the course of the disease as possible, should be taking 10, 12 or even more grams of vitamin C, 800 units of vitamin E, large amounts of the other vitamins and 200 mcg per day of selenium."

Pauling added: "This should be an adjunct to appropriate conventional therapy, where "appropriate" means conventional therapy that has been shown to have value for patients with the same kind of cancer”.


Many publications (Klenner, Cathcart, Rivers) show high doses of ascorbic acid by mouth are safe and non-toxic. There is sufficient evidence to support use of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) intravenously in high doses as a cancer chemo agent. Oncologists should revisit vitamin C as a possible agent in their cancer treatments, as Linus Pauling urged.

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As a medical physician for over 50 years, I strive to give you the best medical information on controversial medical subjects and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. I have no ties to any organization, pharmaceutical, or lobby group. As an practicing medical acupuncturist since 1982, I find western medicine and medical acupuncture are very complimentary that results in astounding healing in pain management, addictions to cigarettes and food, and a host of other maladies. Let me know how we are doing. Your constructive comments are always appreciated. Click the RSS post button on the upper right hand corner if you would like to receive by email our future medical blogs.
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Many of you are relocating and looking for another place to live. It is important that your home provide a healthy environment. It is location, location, not the cost of the home.

When you are looking for a new home to live in, the way it feels determines what you buy, not the way the home looks. We all have had experiences of walking into a place and feeling a sense of uneasiness. Many stores and restaurants fail because you the customer don’t feel comfortable there.


Electromagnetic fields are generated by natural phenomena and rise up through the earth, distorted by underground water, cavities, mineral deposits, fault lines, and other lines as Hartman’s lines, Curry lines, St. George lines, and Ley lines. Every six to eight feet these lines cross. The harmful radiation in intensified at the crossings. They are invisible, pass through windows, floors, and closed doors, and have a powerful effect on your health.

Old churches and healing centers, as Lourdes, were built on these line crossings. A couple of weeks over the line strengthen your immune system. But if these lines are in the path of your bed, your immune system becomes overcharged and cancer cells can grow.


Mining, tunnels, subways, and public sewage and water utilities make other geopathic stress zones. High-tension power lines, radio waves, microwaves, cell phone towers, and all your electrical appliances also challenge your health.

New roads and railways requiring deep steel footings, cabling, power stations and water mains all provide harmful frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Your computer, color television, Wi Fi, the electric wiring in your home, and high voltage power lines running through your neighborhood all affect bone growth, cell communication, and your immune and white blood cell functions.

If you sleep where multiple water lines cross with their high positive polarity, you may find asthma, allergies, and other lung problems occur.


The earth has electrical currents on its surface that affect your nervous system. Look around your potential home for stunted gaps in the hedges or trees (especially fruit trees). If you are in a high electrical magnetic zone, you may see cats congregating to the property. Cats, bees, ants, and wasps love these geopathic zones.

Bring your dog, he hates geopathic energies. If you want a good night’s sleep, choose the dog’s favorite area of the house! If your dog loves your potential bedroom, this may be the home for you. If your cat loves it, forget the home despite its beauty.

Lawns will show bare patches, weeds, and fungi. Other clues include piles of rubbish, cracks in glass, brick and plasterwork, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns, water leaks, derelict areas, and accident black spots both within the home and outside. Trees will be found growing at an angle. Roses, pine trees and elms struggle in these areas while oak and elm trees thrive in these geopathic zones.

Cracks and dampness will keep re-occurring in such a home. Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam, wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly. However, a compost pile would be very successful.

The home’s history is a good tip on how healthy the home is. If it has been sold several times, the owner just died with cancer, or the neighbors look bullish, back off. If someone lived there 30 years and is healthy, it is a good sign the house is not on any pathologic electromagnetic zone.

Seeing clutter across the house is a bad sign, along with cracks in glass, brick, sidewalks, and plaster. Recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns and signs of accident prone spots in and outside the house are often seen in these high powered electromagnetic zones.

If you live in one of these high-powered electromagnetic zones, you can avoid serious health problems, by changing the energies in your home and restoring balance to your body.

Special ceramic tabs are available to attach to cell phones, computers, and appliances and even to wear for protection against harmful electromagnetic fields. Furniture and your bed where you spend a lot of time can be moved to safer areas.

If you suspect negative energy, you can put clear crystals to lift and change the course of an energy line. Copper wire buried around a house will also defect negative earth energy.

You can protect your bed by putting something to shield you from the negative earth rays. People have reported better sleep by placing aluminum foil under the mattress. Aluminum can be wrapped around a pizza cardboard and placed under the pillow where your head rests. A mirror put down between the floor and your bed can reflect negative rays. You could put two sheets head to head under your bed, but they must overlap.


Though modern science does not recognize the impact of these geopathic stress zones on your health, your ancestors relied on this knowledge and their intuition to locate these energies when they established villages and built their homes.

If you have puzzling and challenging health problems, consider geopathic stress as a factor in your disease. You are never separated from the energy in your environment.

The body recovers quickly from short-term exposure to these geopathic electromagnetic stresses. Health problems occur, however, when you spend a long time in areas where the earth’s energy is disturbed.

If your symptoms disappear when you are on vacation, away from home, you have your answer. Remember to bring Felix your cat, or Clinton your dog, when you want to check a particular area.

Another answer could be: "Perhaps you should move again". Interestingly, Gypsies are known to never get cancer, since they move from one location to another.

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As a medical physician for over 50 years, I strive to give you the best medical information on controversial medical subjects and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. I have no ties to any organization, pharmaceutical, or lobby group. As an practicing medical acupuncturist since 1982, I find western medicine and medical acupuncture are very complimentary that results in astounding healing in pain management, addictions to cigarettes and food, and a host of other maladies. Let me know how we are doing. Your constructive comments are always appreciated. Click the RSS post button on the upper right hand corner if you would like to receive by email our future medical blogs.
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Most of us need a little extra brain food.  As we get older, we all complain about not remembering things.  To keep your brain operating at its max, whether you are young or, lets say aging,-- you must eat the best brain food you can.

To keep your brain search engine sharp, it is important to oil your brain memory centers with good nutrition.  If you eat the right foods, you will concentrate better, stay focused, and improve your recall center. 

Good food contains the nutrients that make your brain chemicals,and help your reaction time, memory, concentration, and keep your brain from aging. 

For example, protein foods help make brain dopamine, a natural chemical that keeps you sharp and alert.  Some foods goof up your chemical balance, causing depression, anxiety, and inability to sleep.

Many behavioral and mental conditions are now treatable with zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids.  A lot of the drugs are not the magic bullets we once thought they were.

There is no magic food, drink, supplement, or drug that will miraculously help your sluggish brain.   The brain has complex mechanisms that are affected by the foods and nutrients you eat.  Truly: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!


The brain's ONLY source of energy is glucose.  You must eat regularly to keep your sugar levels from dropping.  Every day your brain needs 150 grams of PURE sugar.  Glucose is needed for the brain to make serotonin, a natural brain chemical. 

Starchy foods directly increase your sugar levels, since starch is a long chain of only sugar molecules.  Pasta, pizza, bread, and beans are dangerous starches, since they contain appetite enhancers to make you overeat. 

Fruits contain sucrose, fructose and glucose (sucrose = glucose + fructose), and all that fructose is very gradually converted into direct energy glucose.  You can never overeat on fruits since they have no such appetite stimulants. 

Since the brain can’t store sugar, an answer might be eating beans to keep the sugar stable, providing a steady stream of energy.  Beans provide steady stream of energy, as well as a high amount of fiber.  Any of the following beans will do: black beans, lima beans, pinto, kidney, garbanzo, Great Northern, Navy and Peas and lentils.


Sixty percent of the brain is made of essential fatty acids.  It always needs a new supply of fatty acids.  Very brain cell has omega-3 that keep your brain cells perking.

Finally, the FDA has allowed food supplements to post health claims on their labels stating: “Consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”  DHA is a special type of omega-3 fat that is needed for fetal brain development.

Fish is often called “brain food” because of its high omega-3 fatty acids.   Oysters have zinc that stimulates nerve functioning and activity, and cognitive function.


Twenty percent of your brain is made of cholesterol.  That is 40 times more than you have in your muscles, and 10 times more than the liver, where cholesterol is made.  Statins that lower your cholesterol to extreme levels may cause havoc to your brain.


Many people over 65 have a B-12 deficiency.  All  B vitamins can boost your mood by helping your neurotransmitters, decreasing damaging levels of brain homocysteine, and repairing brain nerve fibers.  They also help prevent heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.


Good natural foods have just the right amount of protein and amino acids you need.  The amino acids are needed for the brain’s neurotransmitters--- serotonin, dopamine and nor epinephrine.

 If you are depressed, anxious, having a panic attack, or just can’t sleep-- you can raise your mood, by taking 5-HTP, which make serotonin.  These chemical transmitters control your thinking, actions, and moods. 

The brain also has acetyl-l-carnitine, which makes another neurotransmitter, called acetylcholine.    It increases the mitochondria in your brain cells, resulting in improved memory.  Other brain neurotransmitters in the brain also contain fatty acids.  Oleamide helps you fall asleep, and arachidonic acid helps your cognitive abilities.

Some substances in prepared food, wheat- and dairy products impair  your neurotransmitter metabolism, making you aggressive, obese, insomniac, and activating attention deficit disorders.


Ginseng and Gingko Biloba  increase the blood flow to the brain, increase hormone release, and delver more oxygen to the brain.  Biloba has strong antioxidant properties protecting the brain from free radicals.


Antioxidants seem to always be hot topic.  They protect you against disease.   Free radicals are associated with cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging.   Each day, your cells are fighting against free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules).

Antioxidants, (phytonutrients), come to your rescue and protect your sensitive brain.  Fruits and veggies neutralize the oxidative damage from free radical damages.  They protect against brain inflammation, which is thought to be the main cause of brain aging.  The more refined foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats you eat, the more free radicals attacking your sensitive brain.

Go for color!  Eat brightly colored yellow, orange, red, purple and green fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants.  Go for orange with carrots, apricots, cantaloupe, mango, papaya and oranges---red grapes, cherries, tomatoes and red pepper --blue/purple blueberries, blackberries, prunes, eggplant –dark green veggies as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, brussels sprouts and broccoli.


Your brain is sensitive and continues to learn, as you grow older.  It constantly needs activities that keep your mind active and push you to the edge of your competence.  Activities stimulate important cognitive brain circuits.

You can help prevent dementia, by a few hours daily of mental activity, like doing crossword puzzles, learning a new language skill, or surfing the web.

Prime your unconscious awareness by leading a focused life full of goals.  Your mind works beneath your awareness.  Your unconscious memories, attitudes and perceptions are constantly working in your brain. 


Fresh wild salmon is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids with Omega 3.   These essential fatty acids are essential for your brain function and also have a lot of anti-inflammatory substances. Other oily fish that provide the benefits of omega-3s are sardines and herring.

Wild salmon also contains a high quality protein, is low in saturated fat, and has no contaminants (as mercury).  Eating wild salmon will improve your mood, your brain synapses, and arteries,--  lowering your risk of dementia or a stroke.

Beware that farm raised salmon is raised in an artificial, locked-up environment, and needs to be fed and colored orange to look healthy.  It has one-third the omega 3 fatty acids as the wild salmon.


Cacao beans have many brain health benefits.  They contain:  theobromine , antioxidants, flavonoids, and catechins.


Green tea can boost your memory, focus, relaxation, alertness, and mood. Tea also has potent catechine antioxidants that help healthy blood flow to the brain.

The leaf from powdered green tea is rich in chlorophyll, and is loaded with antioxidants.  It also contains epigallocatechin gallate, which has anti-cancer, and anti-aging benefits.


Wild blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants over all other fruits.  They protect the brain by their anti=inflammatory action, and increase the bioactivity inside brain cells (Cornell University by Dr. Rui Hai Liu).

Motor skills are improved, short-term memory loss is gone, cancers are inhibited, heart disease and strokes are prevented, night vision is improved, and age-related dementia is reduced.  Avocados are almost as powerful as blueberries, and also help brain blood flow.  It is fatty brain food, but the fat is fortunately mono- unsaturated.


Caffeine improves your concentration, is energizing and focusing.  It is probably the #1 source of antioxidants in American’s diet.   Freshly ground roasted coffee bean powder, actually reduces dementia and improves memory.   Dark chocolate also has caffeine that can stimulate your endorphins.   Remember, however:  “Moderation is the key, more is not always better”.


Drugs are not the answer to improve your brain function.  Make some small changes:  add daily fish oil pills, diet. Supplements, and B vitamins.  Another absolute for brain performance is water.  The brain is about 80 percent water and must be hydrated.  Set goals and stay mentally active.  Perhaps surfing the web for interesting provocative and controversial medical subjects can activate and improve your mental capacities.  This is our aim at  

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As a medical physician for over 50 years, I strive to give you the best medical information on controversial medical subjects and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. I have no ties to any organization, pharmaceutical, or lobby group. As an practicing medical acupuncturist since 1982, I find western medicine and medical acupuncture are very complimentary that results in astounding healing in pain management, addictions to cigarettes and food, and a host of other maladies. Let me know how we are doing. Your constructive comments are always appreciated. Click the RSS post button on the upper right hand corner if you would like to receive by email our future medical blogs.
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Today, two-thirds of our public drinking water is fluoridated in order to reducing cavities. This policy should now be re-examined in the light of new research.

Ask anybody if fluoride is good for them, and most will respond, that "yes", because it reduces cavities.  But fluoride has the potential to cause much more damage than it helps.  Fluoride kills enzymes!  Enzymes are essential to good health and they are used in every system of the body


Fluorine is one of 92 naturally occurring elements and the thirteenth most abundant element in the earth's crust.  Despite this, it is not an essential nutrient for any living thing.   Fluoride is a member of the halogen family, which includes chlorine, bromine and iodine.   It is a pale yellow odorless gas, extremely reactive, one of the strongest acids in the world, and  never found free in nature,  but always combined with other elements.  Fluorine readily forms compounds with all elements except two: helium and neon.

Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, changing the permeability of the cell membrane by certain enzymes.  Fluorine is much more reactive than chlorine, forming  numerous compounds after it is added to our municipal water supplies.


Waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry, hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, are the most widely used chemicals in fluoridation.  Sodium fluoride, a protected pollutant, is a registered rat and roach poison.   It ia very toxic chemical, acting as an enzyme poison, direct irritant and calcium inactivator , and an extremely effective bug killer.

The most common mineral containing fluorine,  fluorspar (CaF2)., has been used for centuries as a flux in the smelting of ores.  Today it is used extensively in the manufacture of computer chips, aluminum, and steel manufacture, causing a staggering amount of environmental damage.  Cryolite (Na3AlF6),  flurapatite (Ca5 (PO4)3.F) and other phosphate rocks are other important mineral sources of fluorine


Aluminum smelting, during wartime and post-war boom, resulted in the use of  massive amounts of fluoride.  In the 1950s and 60s, sodium fluoride from the aluminium industry was added to our water supplies. Alcoa advertised fluoride in chemical journals for its use as a rat poison.  A cheap way had to be found to dump the fluoride and water was the answer.

In 1931, a Mellon Institute report suggested that 1 PPM fluoride added to drinking water would be good for the teeth.  That was it.   No studies, no comparisons, no data, just a report by an organization funded by ALCOA.

Research by Dr Dean,from the USPHS,  funded again by Alcoa, manipulated data so that it "proved" that this same figure of 1 PPM resulted in reduction of tooth decay.  So now there were two studies, both funded by ALCOA, supported the arbitrary figure of 1 ppm fluoride. Fluoride was added to the water to lower tooth decay without even 1 study!   That was it-- the start of  fluoridation in the 1940s.  Today,   98% of Europe has outlawed the fluoridation of  their municipal water supplies.  We stand alone.


The EPA sets a maximum of 4 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride in our drinking water.   City water is polluted with 1 part per million (ppm) of F, but  bottled water can have this much or even more.  The fluoride used  is not a pharmaceutical grade, but comes from the wet scrubbing systems of the superphosphate fertilizer industry and  waste products of aluminum. 

Fluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, are the most frequently used chemicals to fluoridate our water and is also found in toothpaste, fertilizers, some rat poisons, and in organic farming.   Despite being classified as hazardous waste, the safety of these chemicals  have never been adequately tested.  Epidemiological studies show that, where these silicofluorides are added to public water, children are significantly more likely to absorb lead in their environment from lead paint in old houses, lead levels in water, etc. (Masters).


Yes, the FDA has been saying for years: TOOTHPASTE IS DANGEROUS!    It has a warning on the back of your toothpaste tube, saying: if you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, you should seek professional help, or contact the Poison Control Center immediately.   Poison?  A typical tube of toothpaste has enough fluoride to kill two small children if they consumed the entire tube at once.

WHAT ELSE IS IN TOOTHPASTE?.   Sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes toothpaste foam, causes diarrhea. It is also a mutagen, capable of changing the information in genetic materials found in your cells.  Saccharin is clearly carcinogenic in experimental studies--with some suggestive human evidence.  FD&C Blue #1 has caused small increases in tumors in experimental studies.


Many of our  kids now have excess fluoride exposure (US National Research Council).   Ameloblasts, the collagen-producing cells of the tooth, begin to secrete an abnormal collagen matrix and the tooth enamel loses its translucent appearance.  White flecks or spots appear on the front of their teeth.  Because the collagen that lays down dentin  by odontoblasts, is disrupted,  tooth fracturing occurs, resulting in  pits and parts of the tooth breaking away.


Fluoride is a persistent and non-degradable poison that accumulates in soil, plants, wildlife, and humans.

Fluoridated water is used for soft drinks, fruit juices, and canned soups.  Silico fluorides ,used as fluoridating agents, contain lead and carcinogenic arsenic.  Black and red tea have leaves that naturally contain high amounts of fluorine.  Some preservatives and chewing tobacco have fluoride.

Drugs as:  antidepressants, osteoperosis medications, Celebrix, Cipro, [Diflucan], Prozac, [Dalmane], [Lipitor], most fluorinated general anesthetics, and bone meal supplements-- all contain fluorine. 

Powdered phosphate rock, a "natural" fertilizeris used by organic farmers.   But, being natural, does not mean it is safe, since it contains  2-5% fluoride.

Cryolite, the first registered U.S. pesticide (1957), contains an aluminofluoride ion which loses fluoride ions.  It is now synthetically produced, and used on many fruits, California grapes, potatoes, vegetables and ornamental crops to protect against leaf eating pests.

Cryolite’s  insecticidal mode of action is predominantly as a stomach poison.   In California,  grape growers use cryolite to control two insects that could  destroy their vineyards. Multiple applications of Cryolite are used during the growing season: this significantly increase fluoride in our wines.


Sodium fluoride is used as as a disinfectant for the fermentation apparatus in breweries and distilleries.  It is also a rodenticide and an insecticide (mainly for roaches and ants), NaF is far more toxic than cryolite since  it is far more soluble in water and thus more readily taken up by plants and absorbed by animals.


Many other industries put fluoride compounds into the air,  some of which ends up in our food. These include: aluminum smelters, zinc smelters, brickworks, ceramic works, steel mills, uranium enrichment facilities, coal fired power plants, and oil refineries.



Mg is involved in over 300 of your body enzyme systems.  Fluorine blocks its action.  As you take in more fluoride: the fluoride ion blocks the Magnesium ions  and you have less Magnesium absorbed.   As plants are irrigated with Fl, they get less Mg and can’t make the chlorophyll to protect them.   Digestive enzymes are destroyed, sperm are killed, minerals are lost in your bones and teeth, and kidney stones form.


Collagen, makes up about a third of your body, and is a major component of your skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, lungs, kidney, trachea, bones and teeth.  Fluoride disrupts this collagen, causing wrinkling of the skin, and weakening of the ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The collagen that lays down your tooth enamel and bone,  is disrupted, resulting in irreversible arthritis stiffness, and deforms your  bones and teeth.


Fluoride  is one of the most bone seeking elements known to mankind.  Fluoride interferes with collagen formation in bone osteoblasts and chondroblasts.   Tissues are mineralization, leading to a calcification of your ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and spinal ligaments.  It  makes the bones more brittle and the dental enamel more porous.   Nearly all (99%) of all the fluoride you retain, is incorporated in the mineral of your bones and teeth.


One in three  Americans have some form of arthritis - CDC, 2002).  The causes of most forms of arthritis (e.g. osteoarthritis) are unknown.  With the high rate of arthritis in America, it is highly plausible, fluoride exposure could be related to our growing arthritis epidemic.


Fluoride interferes with: the structural and functional integrity of testis, internal milieu of epididymis, vas deferens, metabolism and morphology of spermatozoa of mice, rats and rabbits , and changes the morphology of sperm.   Ingestion of 10 or 20 mg sodium fluoride in mice caused alterations in the histology of reproductive organs,


Disruption of collagen metabolism leads to the calcification of tissues that should not be calcified, and a reduction of calcification in tissues that should be calcified.  Examination of tissues of people exposed to fluoride, shows calcified ligaments, tendons, muscles and thyroid cartilage.   The skin wrinkles, as result of a breakdown in the collagen structure and its calcification.  Arterial cells fibroblasts again produce larger amounts of imperfect collagen, resulting in hardening of your body’s arteries.


Fluoride is a powerful central nervous system (CNS) toxin and adversely affect human brain functioning, even at low doses.  Fluoride also  enables aluminum to cross the blood brain barrier (Varner).  Fluoride in water produced nervous system changes in rats that resemble attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Fluoride confuses the immune system, causing it to attack your  own  body's tissues, and increases the tumor growth rate if you are cancer prone.  Antibody formation and lymphocyte migration are blocked, and your white blood cells are prevented  from  destroying bacteria and viruses that enter your body.  Fluoride not only causes genetic damage, but also transforms normal cells into cancer cells.  Japanese researchers found that cells treated with 34 and 45-ppm  fluoride produced cancer (fibrosarcoma).


In the first half of the 20th century, fluoride was used to treat overactive thyroids.    Associated depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, and increased cholesterol levels resulted from this treatment.  Since fluoride ingestion results in  low thyroid function, could this be a factor in our current obesity problem?


Fluoride is a toxic sedative.  It was given to prisoners in Nazi and Soviet death camps to calm prisoners down and to make them easier to handle.   Fluoride accumulates in the brain and alters mental behavior.   Fluoride exposure is linked to brain dysfunctions as ADD, IQ deficits, and learning disabilities (Masters and Coplan).    Fluoridate water leads to an increased uptake of lead into children.


When a cell is damaged, it provides a group of enzymes, called the DNA, which repairs the DNA damage.   Fluoride inhibits this DNA enzyme activity by 50%.  and inhibits repair mechanisms, leading to an increase in genetic or chromosomal damage.  With increasing age, fluoride accumulates, resulting in backaches and crippling osteoporosis.


No one has a great treatment.  Dialysis can work.  Placing the patient in a metabolic alkalotic state can also help.   Vitamin C and Ca 2+ ingeston can speed recovery.  A reverse osmosis water fliter can remove heavy metals, but it can't  filter out F atoms out of your system, since F atoms are too similar in size to H2O molecules.

Boron, found in Borax, effectively counteracts symptoms of fluoride intoxication in humans (Zhou et al. 1987).  Improvement was noted after drinking solutions containing 300 to 1,100 mg of borax/L daily for 3 weeks out of every  month for 3 months (Zhou et al. 1987).


No disease has ever been linked to a fluoride deficiency.  Fluoride, a rodenticide and insecticide,  interferes adversely with your body's normal biochemistry, causing disruption and damage.   Unknowingly, you get it in  teas, toothpastes, mouthwash and pharmaceuticals without ever realizing its health risk dangers.

Fluoride does kill the bacteria on your teeth that can cause tooth decay, but so will sodium bicorbonate!   The marginal benefit it displays for teeth does not outweigh its general dangers to your body’s enzyme systems.

Its time you took a second look at the effect of this powerful toxin that causes so much damage.

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