Thursday, August 11, 2016


 The new  game plan is to change your thinking without fighting you. Deep down, most of us believe the more medical care we get the better we will be.  You are now denied any medical treatment that gives you modified benefits.   We all want the most aggressive treatment possible, and certainly don’t want our medical care restricted or rationed.

This resulted in our new Obama health  care reform  game plan to change your thinking without fighting you.  They now continue to tell you that the new medical reform will give you the best possible medical careno matter what the cost.

 But how can the government get you to say no to medical care? When MRI breast care screening recommendations were restrictive, it created a firestorm.   The health care reformists realized they must change their approach in restricting your health care.

 They now continue to tell you that the new medical reform will give you the best possible medical care no matter what the cost.   They remind you that our current system will continue to give you more care, but you must ask: “Is that care becoming worse or better?”This resulted in our new Obama health care reform  game plan to change your thinking without fighting you.


Medicare, hospitals doctors, and the media, are now flooding you more information.   Cost-cutting Medicare servants, to cut down medical costs, are giving you more choices and more control, resulting in more confusion. You are told that the economics of medicine is changing and you will be rewarded you with much better care rather than simply more care.

To change your thinking, you are being programmed to learn more about the “new evidence “that shows what treatments work and what don’t. You are told that all the data in the past is incomplete or unavailable.  They claim that more than half of medical treatments lack clear evidence of effectiveness.   The media bombards you with quotes of recent published articles telling you that prostate cancer, inflammatory diseases, back pain, CT scans and MRIs are not effective.   Twisted statistics show that Cesarean sections have skyrocketed with little benefits to babies and are more burdensome to others.

The next step is to give you available facts about treatments. They will give you information about potential benefits and risks and sway you to choose less invasive care.   Initially you may want aggressive care, and are willing to accept the risks and side effects from the treatment.

 Being told preventing prostate cancer is very marginal, you might decide the risk of incontinence and impotence is not worth it. The new message for men is that if you have prostate cancer, you will never die from it, but you will become impotent and incontinent because of this aggressive treatment.

Today, says the government, everyone gets bypass surgery and stents because it is popular and people believe it will reduce heart attacks.  They will tell you the new evidence strongly shows none of this treatment is necessary, and aspirin and a healthy diet works equally just as well.  You might decide to leave an intensive care unit call it quits, and enter a hospice to end your life.


Unnecessary care causes a lot of pain and even death. 15,000 people each year are projected to die eventually from radiation they get from just a single CT scan. But how many of you are successfully treated because of the scan.

 We all know that when hospitals and drug makers get a blank check from Medicare the costs skyrocket.   Rationing and denying medical claims will free up resources for other services like education, and reduce the Medicare deficit.

When the tax subsidies for health insurance shrink, we will all realize that medical care is not free.   Doctors, who will deny you expensive medical care, will be labeled preferred doctors and they will be financially rewarded by higher Medicare payments.

Down the line, you will be denied any medical treatment that gives you modified benefits, but for now just getting you to say no is the best solution for lowering medical costs.  What comes next will be even more painful.

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